My Food Bucket List

Remember the popular movie, The Bucket List? Everyone caught on to the idea that life is short and why not make a list of all the things you should do in this lifetime. Well I do I think I have one of those lists but my longer list is about food. I started a folder of recipes and foods that I need and want to make in my lifetime and experience while I can still taste!

Actually its not just one folder but several folders in my nice antique 4 drawer file cabinet. I am a magazine ripper outer of pages. I love to save the pictures and the recipes. My first love was baking and so I have saved all of these cake, cookie and pie recipes. When we have dinner parties (did I really just say that – believe me they are very informal) I am usually picked to bring the dessert – because I do really love desserts!

My latest bucket list creation was a Lemon Meringue Pie – I wanted to make if from scratch and Oh, by the way lemons are not local and not part of this story today! Anyway, I had never made fresh lemon meringue pie probably because I am usually a chocolate freak but as I am maturing, I do find myself wanting the tart flavor of lemon rather than chocolate all the time. The lemon custard filling turned out great because fresh lemon is so awesome and the meringue which I was so nervous to make also came out perfect. Now this is where you get to use power tools in the kitchen – I got to use my little kitchen torch to brown the top of the meringue! I do think what is very important is to read the recipe instructions thoroughly before you start, pick a day where you have lots of time and use the best ingredients for MAXIMUM outcomes. I got to take the pie to friends that night and we cut it into four pieces and ate the whole thing – It was a wonderful thing! You can find recipes here: Lemon Meringue Pie.

Another bucket list food project was a Boston Cream Pie – my friends said why not just buy pudding for the filling? I could have but I really did want to learn the technique of making custard from scratch. And OH MY once you have had the real thing I don’t know how you settle for a boxed pudding!

So what is it that you have always been wanting to make? Start YOUR Bucket List Today!


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