Fall is Apple Picking Season

In Michigan, many apple growers lost their crop last spring when  early spring warm weather had trees blossoming too early.  A hard frost followed and killed many of those apple blossoms, hence, no fruit.  Some growers lost more than half their crop while others lost all of it.  Some farmers were able to plant other crops to try to make up for some of their lost income.  WE have many orchards that are involved with Agri-Tourism where they offer the traditional apple picking followed by cider and doughnut treats.  All of these events and activities will be affected by the huge losses of this apple crop.

With all that said, there are some apples.  So, make sure you purchase them now  from farmers markets and orchards and enjoy those crisp, juicy tastes of our fall apples and savor the flavor.  They may not be here long.   There have been news articles and stories everywhere reporting on the monetary value of these losses, the jobs and income lost, but several farmers are insisting they will have apples and apple cider.  What we will see is farmers purchasing apples from New York and Washington and other apple producing states to make cider  or they may be purchasing cider to make sure we all have the full experience at the cider mills and orchards.   You may find some sticker shock on bags and baskets of apples since the supply is low.  The prices of cider are also higher.  WE can  still support our local apple growers by purchasing the apples and cider they do have and enjoy this fall experience.  Because what is fall without them?

Check Michigan Farmers Market Association for an apple orchard near you!


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  1. Hi,

    The Young Voices for the Planet Film Project would like to include your photo of the above apple orchard in our short film tentatively titled “Longing for a Local Lunch” that we recently filmed in Great Barrington, MA. “Longing for a Local Lunch” is about students at Monument Mountain Regional High School who are changing their cafeteria fare from processed foods to local meat and local fresh vegetables.

    Do you have the rights to the photo on your website? If so, since we are a non-profit, we are hoping that you would allow us to use the photo gratis. Of course, we would thank you in the film end-credits.

    Thanks for your time.


    Sharika Bivens

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